What We Do

We support Kelowna in more ways than you know!

Healthy Snack Program

The Healthy Snack Program was started in 2008 by a few members. The program was initially funded by firefighters themselves. As the program grew we moved it to our Charitable Society. The Healthy Snack Program is now in nine different elementary schools throughout Kelowna. These snacks are delivered monthly to schools in fire trucks to help kids who go to school hungry. We are hoping to grow this program to Middle and High Schools throughout Kelowna. Also looking at delivering fresh fruit and produce (fridges required)

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Dare to Dream

Throughout the year we have members and professionals around town looking for families who need help. We help families with everything from groceries, school supplies, basic needs, and everything in between. Some families only need a helping hand till the next paycheque, where others have lost everything and need a little bit more.

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Memorial Bursaries

Kelowna Firefighters all contribute to create a fund which helps support students post secondary schooling costs through bursaries which they can apply for.

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Secret Santa

The Secret Santa is a special program where firefighters have their children bring in gifts for children in need. Then the Kelowna Firefighters Charitable Society donates more presents to make sure that every child and parent gets something to make their Christmas special.

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Bigger Smiles Project

The Bigger Smiles Project has professionals around Kelowna looking for families in need with children facing different disabilities. We then find out what these families need to make their children’s lives more accessible. Currently there are families and kids that must decide what piece of assistant device they can afford, if any. We then support the families where we can and make sure that those in need get everything they require to put a smile on their faces.

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