About Us


Our Charity’s Mission:
Our mission is to alleviate poverty and hunger by offering healthy snacks to schoolchildren, providing financial aid to those struggling after disasters, illnesses, injury, or loss, and advancing education through our Fallen Firefighter Memorial bursaries.
The Kelowna Professional Firefighters Charitable Society was established as a registered charity in 1996. 100% of funds raised gets donated to people in need. It is run by off duty Kelowna Professional Firefighters. These firefighters spend their days, nights, and weekends in the community helping bring awareness and fundraising to help local people in need. They are fundraising all year to make sure we are able to keep helping for years to come.


In addition to many other operations, the members of the Kelowna Fire Department respond to residential, commercial, and industrial incidents involving smoke, fire, or alarms ringing. Our Dispatch Centre may take a live call from a citizen or through an automated system that is monitored electronically. With the automated system, if the monitored property’s alarm goes into trouble, it will automatically alert our dispatchers so they can send the appropriate crews to investigate the problem.

Technical Rescue

Living in Kelowna, or anywhere in the Okanagan for that matter, has incredible opportunities for outdoor adventure. With these opportunities comes a need to have specialized training in the case of an accident. The Kelowna Fire Department has four TRT’s (Technical Rescue Teams) made up of 6 members each. These members constantly train in and around Kelowna at the most difficult access area’s as well as the most frequented by the public.

You may see one of our TRT’s performing extraction techniques on either on the Trestles, Crags, high rise buildings, tower cranes, low embankments, or any other elevated area of risk where there is a need for ascending or descending with ropes. If you happen to see our members training off the side of a cliff, or any dangerous area for that matter, please give them the respect and stand clear as there is a lot more going on than one might realize.

Hazardous Materials

The Kelowna Fire Department has four Hazardous Materials Technician Teams available 24/7.  Each team is made up of six firefighters who dedicate themselves to responding to any incident involving chemicals, radiation, biological, or explosive threats to either life or environment.  A HazMat incident could involve anything from an overturned tanker truck on the roadways to a drug lab in a residential building.  Our teams are also becoming pro-active and lobbying to be called out to commercial and industrial structure fires to deal with the potential contamination hazards that may present themselves.

Fire Dispatch Centre

Kelowna Fire Dispatch Centre serves over 265,800 residents and approximately 3 million visitors annually encompassing an area in excess of 13,500 square kilometers, providing a variety of emergency and non-emergency public assistance and in the process creating over 24,000 incidents each year. Our Center also provides 24-hour service to 9 full-time fire halls and 30 paid-on-call halls from Lake Country to the U.S. border.